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The Home Health Care industry is booming in the USA. My wife and 3 daughters are service-providers in this industry, and my 13 year-old daughter with Down Syndrome is a recipient of said service. The regulations that govern this industry varies from state to state … with heavy regulations in the “blue” states and less so in the “red” states.

Initial Plan:

I propose that we start our service in North Carolina, which has very lax regulations on Home Health Care companies. Since my family works in this industry, we know a lot of ins-and-outs about it. We know both service-providers and clients. We know many client families which have set up their own Home Health Care companies to provide services to their own family member. It’s that easy to start and operate a Home Health Care company in North Carolina. We know the steps needed to set-up and operate a Home Health Care company. We already have several service-providers lined up, a business manager and a client. All it takes is for us to get going, and that will be the start.

Short-range Plan:

We also know several small Home Health Care companies which have just a handful of clients and service-providers which operate out of someones’ basement or spare bedroom. So like them, we can operate on a shoe-string budget while growing our clientele and workforce to penetrate our backyard and reach beyond it but within our state. And we need to accumulate capital for future growth.

Long-range Plan:

However, as with most things I do, I have big plans. I don’t plan on just being a one-client company; I intend to grow our Home Health Care company nationwide, so that takes some planning, resources and capital. Lawyers and consultants have to be hired to get a grasp of other states’ regulations and setting up operations in other states.

What’s Next?

Just find the time to establish the exact steps to get set up and do it. Start small, grow big.


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