Pooled Investment Fund A

The “Pooled Investment Fund A” Project is ACTIVE. We’ll just call this project the “Pooled Fund A” for short.

“Pooled Fund A” invests in a diversified portfolio of automated trading systems developed by Don Chiang Trading Systems.

This Fund is only open to family, friends and associates. We do not solicit investment funds from the general public. Any information provided here is for the benefit of family, friends and associates to do their due diligence and keep them updated on the status of the investment.


Everything about this project:


Project Plan

DC Rocks US ES5 Automated Trading Strategy Details



Auto-Trading Systems Summary

Auto-Trading Systems Risks

Auto-Trading Systems Project Plan

Auto-Trading Strategy#1 Details

Auto-Trading Strategy#2 Details

The Story Behind Our Auto-Trading Systems

Auto-Trading Systems FAQ


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