Internet Marketing Agency


Between my business associates and me, so much of what we do is on the internet. We’re building websites and landing pages, promoting our sites and businesses through SEO and paid promotions, promoting affiliate offers, using social media for promotions, writing articles, making videos, and a whole bunch more related work for our online businesses. It makes sense for us to have our own Internet Marketing Agency to support our own efforts and sell any excess capacity to other online businesses.

Initial Plan:

I propose that we start out by sharing a handful of outsourcers from the Philippines, say a Virtual Assistant, Webmaster, and an SEO Specialist. Each of us may not have the need for full-time assistants in those capacities, but between several of us, we could use those services fully.

Long-range Plan:

The long-range plan is to build up an agency made up mostly of Filipino outsourcers with skills in many areas of internet marketing. Anyone (even associates in our group) would make requests for services and be given a quote and be billed accordingly before or after the services are rendered.

What’s Next?

So, anyone who likes this idea, please let us know what services you are looking for, and how much manpower you need. For example, I would say that right now, I could use a Virtual Assistant for 1 day a week ongoing, and a Webmaster for 3 days a week for 3 months.



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